Cybernet ZPC Computer-In-A-Keyboard Computer Design Gets Some Hardware Upgrades

These things aren't exactly new hack, but last time I read about them they had mediocre hardware inside. Now they are pushing quad-core processors, X3100 graphics, 4GB of RAM, and slim-line optical drives.

They can even be expanded via the Mini PCI and PCI-e slots. There is a card reader on the front of the keyboard, a touch-pad built in, and obviously there is a keyboard. There are, of course, lower end configurations with less RAM, a Core 2 Duo instead of a Core 2 Quad.

Those lower end combos start at $629 and give you everything except for Speakers and a Monitor. The cheapest Core 2 Quad system is $924, not counting warranty or software options, the hardware only maxes out at $1666 and that's with no OS.

[via gizmonews]