'Cyberflashing' incident ushers in new era of perverts

The modern world is full of funny new terms that speak of situations facilitated by the gadgets we carry around with us. The new word buzzing around is 'cyberflashing', and some are saying the first of such incidents has taken place via a lone pervert using AirDrop. Reportedly, the suspect used Apple's AirDrop to send unsolicited indecent pictures (it is unclear whether they were images of the suspect) to a passenger on a train in London. Police say they have investigated the matter.

Apple's AirDrop feature allows one iOS user to send files to another, assuming they're open to such connections. When a file is sent, the recipient will see a preview of the message and will be given the option to accept or decline it.

We've seen cases in the past of people using AirDrop to troll other people with amusing pictures of sloths and Jim Carrey, and it is doubtful this is truly the first instance of perverts using AirDrop to send nudes. It is, however, the first time such an event has caught the public eye.

This time around, someone used the AirDrop feature to send a pair of indecent pictures to Lorraine Crighton-Smith, who then reported the incident to the British Transport Police. The BTP state this is a crime it hasn't yet had to deal with, and that others should report such incidents.

In this case, the images that were sent were rejected, and so the investigation into the matter hit a dead end. The police have, in the past, experienced similar issues that happened over Bluetooth. Those who are concerned about this happening should make sure to switch off AirDrop before heading out.