Cyberdyne HAL Exoskeleton to Be Shown Off at CES 2011

Way back in 2007, Cyberdyne was showing off their latest version of the Hybrid Assistive Limb exoskeleton, better known as HAL. They were even talking about how in 2008, people would be able to rent the exoskeleton for whatever purpose they needed. While the scientists, researchers, and designers at Cyberdyne originally promoted the exoskeleton for those with disabilities and the elderly, it's looking more and more like HAL is all set to be shown off for everyone.

Cyberdyne has let it be known that they plan on making an appearance at CES 2011, in Las Vegas, and showing off the latest and greatest in their exoskeleton technology. The company's exoskeleton is a bit different than others we've seen in the past, as the HAL suit is able to measure the nerves in your body, and actually react to them. The result is an exoskeleton that the user doesn't have to move, but moves on its own, based on what you want it to do. That means you won't have to actually pick up the exoskeleton's leg to move, but that it will lift on its own, and step with you.

As you may have already guessed, the HAL suit is supposed to give those who wear it extra strength, as well. As of right now, this particular version of the exoskeleton is able to go about two hour and 40 minutes of constant usage. We'll be sure to stop off at the CES Robotics TechZone this year, to make sure that we get plenty of face time with the HAL suit.

[via I4U; thanks, Robert]