Cyber Snipa Silencer gaming mouse unveiled

Shane McGlaun - Dec 10, 2009
Cyber Snipa Silencer gaming mouse unveiled

Cyber Snipa is a small maker of gaming peripherals and other computer gear ranging from mouse pads to webcams and headphones. The firm makes some nice products and has unveiled its latest gaming mouse called the Silencer.

The mouse has nine customizable buttons along with a profile button. The rodent supports up to seven gaming profiles that allows you to set up to 63 commands. The odds of me remembering where I bound one of 63 commands are slim to none.

The silencer features on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment ranging from 100 to 5000 dpi. A 1000 Hz polling rate is features along with a tracking speed of 150 inches per second. The side grips can be changed and the mouse has an adjustable weight cartridge. Cyber Snipa will ship the Silencer on December 18 for $54.99.

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