Custom $14.5k iPhone 12 edition includes gold sand hourglass

The smartphone customization that goes on at Caviar is absolutely bonkers. It's been over-the-top for years. This week, they've gone to a new dimension. Caviar customized a set of iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max devices with an American flag, portraits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and a built-in hourglass with gold pellets for "sand." The starting price for this edition is $14,900 USD.

Per the folks at Caviar, this is "not just a functional smartphone, but a real precious and meaningful symbol of the century." They've included engravings of "50 stars by the number of states and 7 stripes." OF NOTE: Apparently this flag's stripes are the 7 negative spaces, rather than the 13 (normally the red and the white are counted) which have always represented the original 13 colonies.

Caviar suggests that the two circles at the back of this phone include bas-relief portraits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump "protected by the glass of the watch." The "watch," as it were, is an hourglass. Time passes through the elements via "750 gold sand".

The company that made these customized phones suggested that they'll be producing this "iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time" in a limited edition of 46. That's 46 "by the number of presidents in American history."

The black bits on the back of the phone are "hardened titanium with durable PVD coating." If you're looking to buy one of these phones, you'll get "free delivery to your city" as well as a transaction that is "accompanied by a personal consultant."

If you decide to max out the capacity and size of the phone, you'll get a 512GB internal storage size iPhone 12 Pro Max, and your price will be approximately $19,050 USD. Take a peek at the timeline below to dive in to some of the most strange custom-fitted editions of high-end electronics we've discussed over the past few years. Caviar seems determined to stick to their craft here, fine metals and sky-high costs included!