Curvy, retro arcade gaming cabinet is all '70s class

Being a child of the '80s, I spent plenty of time around the stuff that made it from the '70s at friends and families homes. It seems to me that the hallmark of '70s design was curved wood and plastic. A sweet retro gaming cabinet from 8bitdo looks exactly like it came from the '70s only the graphics on the video games it contains are much cooler than most of what we had in the late '70s and '80s.

This curvy, wooden arcade cabinet is being teased by 8bitdo on its Facebook page where it promises that the cabinet will be on display at the Gamescom convention in Germany. Other than the beautifully curved wood, the cabinet has brass feet, a substantial looking arcade joystick, and seven buttons. One of these buttons is a smaller black button of unknown purpose wheel the other six are larger red buttons meant for playing whatever game you choose from the offerings inside.

8bitdo is keeping all the specifications of the machine a secret for now. We have no idea what sort of hardware is inside the cabinet, what sort of screen it uses, or what games it will be able to play. I will assume it has MAME support and hoards of retro games inside. The company chose to tease the console with a fighting game on screen; this cabinet would look more at home with Pac-Man on screen or maybe Galaga.

Another important tidbit we don't know right now is if the company will actually build these cabinets for gamers to purchase. If you are able to purchase one, the high-end design will likely make it very expensive. I also have to wonder how well it will stay put when you really get into the game you are playing; it seems it would slide around a lot.

SOURCE: Gizmodo