Cufflinks look like a bike sprocket and pedal

Shane McGlaun - May 6, 2011
Cufflinks look like a bike sprocket and pedal

Cufflinks aren’t something I really have a use for. As dressed up as I get is khakis and a shirt with three buttons and a collar. I certainly don’t dress up enough to need cufflinks. If you are the cufflink wearing sort, there are a number of geek offerings on the market that will let you look all fancy, but still shout to anyone that looks closely that you are a geek. One of the geekier sets that we have talked about were those USB flash drive cufflinks this time last year.

Another set of cufflinks that are even geekier than that flash drive set has turned up. If you are into bikes, you will really like these cufflinks. These look like the front sprocket and crank form a bike. These little things come in three different finishes. If you are wondering how they are made, they are apparently 3D printed out of powdered steel and bronze.

That is cool enough to qualify them as geek gear in my book. I can see people that ride bikes in the large groups in my area wearing these to one of the many charity functions that are always going on in my town. If these tickle your fancy, you can pick up a set for $59 and they will be available in June. I’d have to actually buy a shirt with cuffs to be able to use them.

[via Wired]

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