CuBox-i mini computer series offers Android and Linux in a tiny form factor

SolidRun has introduced a mini computer called the CuBox-i series, a tiny square computer that allows users to run Android and Linux in an ultra-small form factor. The i-series is offered with several different models, each of them targeted at a specific type of user, with hardware options ranging from single to quad processors.

The CuBox-i series has a starting price of $45 USD, with the device being focused on open source software. According to SolidRun, several open source software packages have been ported to work with the device, and others are currently in the works. Among this software is the XBMC Media Center, Android Jelly Bean, and several Linux distros.

The CuBox offers up to a quad i.MX6 Cortex A9 ARM 1.2GHz processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, two powered USB 2.0 ports, an IR receiver and transmitter, an unspecified integrated video processing unit, a 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port, optical audio SPDIF out, a micro USB slot, a micro SD storage slot, and NEON extension support.

Video output is up to 1080p, and there's support for OpenGLIES 2.0 with OpenCL 1.1. eSata is up to 3Gbps, wireless is 802.11 b/g/n, and there's an integrated Real Time Clock with a backup battery. Those who want Gigabit Ethernet will need to get one of the higher end models, with the CuBox-i1, CuBox-i2, CuBox-i2ultra, and CuBox-i4pro all being available.

Said SolidRun's CTO Rabeeh Khoury: "We build small and low power computers. Given the open source SDK and tons of available software packages, our computers can be used in a huge range of scenarios limited only by your imagination; ranging from embedded, multimedia, education, cloud client, HMI and many other fields, as well as all the fun projects you always dreamed of. Everyone can take these computers to their own playground and build their special projects with it. It can be an excellent learning experience too."

VIA: Liliputing

SOURCE: Solid Run