CubeBrowser Brings Images From the Internet Onto a Cube

The CubeBrowser is designed to bring images from the cloud, or online, right to your hands. This isn't just a normal picture frame. Not at all. Instead of just putting it on a desk somewhere and forgetting about it, you're meant to hold it in your hand, turn it over, and look at the six-sided device as new images are displayed based on your actions. A great idea, for sure, especially because you're not supposed to just leave it somewhere and show it off with a point of a finger.

The CubeBrowser is a digital display, as the image clearly shows. It's meant to bring pictures from image hosting sites like Flickr, or Picasa, and bring them right into your hand. You'll be able to change photos based on your actions with the cube. Shaking it will bring a whole new batch of photos to the 'Cube, which can pull images based on a set of tags you input into the system.

Turning it vertically will change the tags you've preset into the device, while turning it to the side will just change the images within that tag. There's no word on the designers hopes for the display resolution, and there doesn't seem to be any word on how you'd input images on your own, like with an I/O device. But, then again, it may just not do that — or it could use something like Bluetooth for its connectivity purposes. Maybe if this wins some awards somewhere, we could actually see it showing up on retail shelves in the future.

[via Yanko Design]