CTIA FCC CEO Julius Genachowski keynote: We're here!

This morning we're sitting in on the first big CTIA keynote speech as headed by FCC CEO Julius Genachowski, here to play how to talk about how, as he says, "Wireless is THE Game Changer." This keynote speech series will also include MasterCard Wordwide president Gary Flood as well as Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy – plus Cellcom 2012 CTIA chairman Patrick Riordan. We're likely to hear several bits on how the FCC will continue to work with the wireless industry through the future to bring you the information you need while the wireless industry improves our lives in so many more ways than one. Stick with us all day long, but especially here in the first couple hours as we see how these titans in the industry will affect the near future.

This mobile event will play host to several players in the industry, but here in talks with the FCC we'll see how it all begins. Have a peek in the timeline below to see the near history of the FCC here at SlashGear. This event will have the FCC seeking more spectrum, seeing to it that the industry works together to make a better future for us all, and will have us seeing it all in one of the most moist places on earth: New Orleans.

Have a peek at our coverage of the event thus far in the CTIA 2012 portal we've got up and again, stick with us all week long!