CTIA 2012 Keynote Day 2 with Spotify, Firefox, VISA, and EA: We're here!

This morning we're live at the second full day of CTIA 2012 in New Orleans at the Day 2 keynote with no less than CEOs and Presidents of Spotify, Mozilla Firefox, Visa, and Electronic Arts. We'll be hearing from Daniel Ek, CEO and co-founder of Spotify and Gary Kovacs, CEO of the Mozilla Corporation. We'll also be hearing from John Partidge, President of VISA Incorporated as well as John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts (aka EA). Stick with us for the next hour (and the rest of the day, of course) for all the hot CTIA 2012 action!

Also be sure to check out our giant CTIA 2012 portal to see all the content we've got up so far, as well as our CTIA Live portal to see any and all on-site and live action. We're likely to hear some announcements today on how Firefox is innovating on the software front, how Spotify will be expanding across several new platforms with their ever-growing music platform, and how VISA will be working with mobile payments to make the mobile world a place where payments for everyday items are a reality.

Check the timeline below for the newest stories coming from Electronic Arts – EA Games has been under some fire recently for their treatment of the mobile world of games, but we're guessing this won't be addressed at length here today. We'll see though, as speakers at CTIA are supposed to keep it real with pushing the wireless world forward in each and every way, even in the world of mobile games. The action starts immediately if not soon!