Crytek USA staff reportedly quit over lack of pay

Crytek USA's CEO and others quit last week over lack of pay, according to sources that are said to be familiar with what went down. This follows Crytek's downsizing that took place recently at the studio in Texas, and is said to have resulted after weeks of salary payments being made late.

Crytek USA's senior staff are all said to have quit their respective jobs last week because their paychecks stopped arriving. For a short while, according to this source, it seemed the company would pull through, and employees stuck around despite persistent troubles getting their money.

The studio's Cevalt Yerli reportedly took a trip to the branch in Austin, where he is said to have told employees a bank deal was being put together, and would be wrapped up by the 20th of June. Workers were assured they'd get paid once this deal went through.

The same assurances were reportedly being given to workers at the studios in Frankurt, the United Kingdom, and more places. The source claims that by this past Friday, most owed payments had been made, but that the financial troubles have been around since March and many workers left last month.

SOURCE: Kotaku