Crysis Remastered reveal and release hit with delay

Eric Abent - Jul 1, 2020, 12:50pm CDT
Crysis Remastered reveal and release hit with delay

This week should have been a big one for Crysis Remastered, and in some ways, it already has been. Crytek was planning to fully reveal the game this week, but after a trailer for Crysis Remastered leaked and received a somewhat negative reaction from fans, it seems those plans have changed. Crytek announced today that the both the launch of the game and the reveal of the trailer have been delayed by a few weeks.

The leak that we saw earlier in the week suggested that Crysis Remastered would be released on July 23rd, just a few weeks from today. It seems, given the reaction to the leak, the team at Crytek is taking extra time to put a bit more polish on the title ahead of launch.

The delays were announced in a lengthy statement on Twitter, which you can see embedded above. “Your passion for the Crysis franchise deserves an undeniably high-quality game, and we are committed to delivering just that,” Crytek wrote. “To ensure that we meet that commitment, we will need to delay the launch date (all platforms) and trailer premiere by a few weeks.”

Crytek goes on to say that pre-orders for most platforms will be delayed as well with the sole exception of Switch pre-orders, which have already opened up. “You may be aware of the leak yesterday, and we want you to know: we’ve seen all the reactions – the good and the bad – and we’re listening!” Crytek continued. According to the developer, it sounds like the game is more or less complete; it just needs additional polish before it’s ready for prime time.

So, what was supposed to be a big week for Crysis Remastered has culminated with a mixed reaction to a leak and a subsequent delay. We’ll let you know what happens from here, but needless to say it’ll definitely be interesting to see what Crytek comes back with in a few weeks.

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