CrunchPad Tablet renders show new 18mm aluminum design

Chris Davies - Jun 4, 2009
CrunchPad Tablet renders show new 18mm aluminum design

New renders of what’s said to be the final design for Michael Arrington’s CrunchPad internet and media tablet have been released, and its taken a big step forward from the last devices we saw.  Now crafted from aluminum, not plastic, so as to cut thickness down to 18mm, the CrunchPad still has a 12-inch touchscreen, WiFi internet access and a media player app.

Video CrunchPad demo after the cut

The device has minimal hardware controls, but offers a USB port for plugging in an external keyboard or other devices.  That way it could be used as a netbook-style portable computer, ideal for blogging and messaging as well as more passive internet browsing.

According to Arrington, the first hardware prototypes of this new design will reach their office in a few weeks time; they’re still talking about a roughly $300 price tag.  Below you can see the latest video demo of the CrunchPad, running on the previous-gen prototype; the final CrunchPad design will boot straight into the Webkit-based browser.

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