Cruise RP-1 autopilot rolls out to new cars next year

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 23, 2014
Cruise RP-1 autopilot rolls out to new cars next year

If you’re dreaming of a future where cars zip you to work while you lay back and catch a few extra Zzzs, you’re going to have to wait longer. That doesn’t mean a world of partially-automated driving is beyond the average driver’s reach, however. Cruise is bringing its autopilot system to cars starting next year.

The Cruise RP-1 is an autopilot system for cars designed for use while on the highway, and it’ll be arriving with new cars starting in 2015. The rollout will at first be limited to California, and the company has ensured lawmakers that it’ll be “fully in compliance” with new laws governing the driving feature.

The RP-1 autopilot system, which costs $10,000 including the installation fee, works while on the highway with the press of a single button. When activated, the RP-1 will take over steering and controlling the pedals while cruising down the freeway, keeping the car at a safe distance from other drivers and within one’s own lane.

The RP-1 system includes an iOS app that provides data on what the system’s various sensors are picking up as the car travels along. The company is currently open to 50 pre-orders for the system through its website.

VIA: Mashable

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