Cricket cuts unlimited plan cost, offers four free phone options

The big players in the wireless market all unveiled new or refined unlimited plans in recent weeks, and now Cricket Wireless, a smaller prepaid carrier, has announced its own unlimited plan change. The carrier is now offering its unlimited plan at a cheaper $60/month rate, helping bring it into the range of unlimited plans offered by the likes of bigger carriers. Cricket is also offering those who convert one of four free Android phones.

The resurgence of unlimited data plans aims to provide mobile users with high levels of data...but not too high, as any unlimited plan comes with some sort of limitation, whether it is throttling during peak traffic after a certain data level is exceeded or similar. Check out the link below for an idea of what is currently being offered.

Unlimited Data: Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint

As far as Cricket is concerned, users get access to unlimited high-speed data, as well as unlimited text and talk, with those calls including ones between Mexico, the US, and Canada. International texting is unlimited in 38 countries. The carrier is offering a single unlimited line for $60/month, as well as four unlimited lines for $180/month.

If you need something in-between, Cricket's arrangement is that a second line gets a $10 discount, a third line gets a $20 discount, and so on up to five lines ($40 discount). Those who are new to the service and transfer their number will get the choice of one of four Android smartphones for free, as well: the Samsung Galaxy Amp 2, LG Spree, ZTE Sonata, and the Alcatel Streak.

SOURCE: Cricket Wireless