Creepy McDonald's SEGA Genesis game Easter Egg found after 30 years

Nearly three decades ago, a game called McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure was released for the SEGA Genesis console — and as with many video games released by fast-food franchises over the years (remember Taco Bell's Moto X game?), it was quickly forgotten by all but a small group of enthusiasts. Unlike many of those games, however, this one was teased as harboring a secret, one that has only just been discovered.McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure was a Genesis game developed by Treasure. One of the programmers who worked on the title, Masato Maegawa, has spent years teasing enthusiasts about an undiscovered Easter Egg hiding in the game. Intrigued amateur detectives pieced together what few clues were revealed over the years.

With that information, the Twitter user "Unlisted Cheats" was able to solve the mystery — and, well, it is both underwhelming and incredibly creepy. By inputting a password using a specific and fairly long series of button presses, the McDonald's sign at the beginning of the game will transform into a 3D object.

Users can then move the object around using the D-pad or toggle to a different model, including a rough spaceship, the SEGA logo, and some simple cubes. Solving the mystery is fun and all, but the Easter Egg itself isn't terribly interesting — except for the disturbing music that accompanies it.

The cheerful beeping in the retro game quickly becomes a series of chaotic riffs not unlike what you'd expect to hear in a cult classic horror movie. Had one accidentally stumbled across this Easter Egg as a child innocently playing a McDonald's adventure game, one may have been reluctant to start up the game a second time.