Creative ZN-Z32G-BK 32GB flash MP3 Player launched in Japan

James Allan Brady - Dec 6, 2007

This little gem launched today, and I assume the 32GB is flash storage, every site I saw this thing at referred to the storage as “memory” and the capacity is a rounded out flash size like 8, 16, 32, 64, instead of HDD sizes like 200, 250, and 400GB. Anyways, it’s a Creative Zen model, and it comes in black, and it can store about 8k songs.

Sadly, it was only launched in Japan, but, even still, a 32GB flash based MP3 player bodes well for more storage on the devices I really want to see it on, namely the iPhone and iPod Touch. Furthermore, the relatively cheap price of this player bodes well for dropping SSD prices, meaning I might, someday soon, be able to afford to put on in my laptop.

Other than music, it appears to have voice capture, photo viewing, FM Radio, and video playback. And, if I didn’t already have a $400+ iPod Touch, this cool looking player would probably be my second choice of player. You can get one of these for the MSRP of 39800 yen, or about $362 USD.

Creative ZN-Z32G-BK 32GB MP3 player Launches in Japan [via mobilewhack]

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