Creative Zii Egg Nests in Developer's Hands

Android is a venerable Operating System, whether you prefer to use it or not, and it's popping up on all sorts of peripherals. One of the good ones coming down the pipe line, is Creative's Zii Egg. We're still excited about this thing, even if there isn't even the faintest of words about an official, consumer-based release for the device yet. But, if you're a developer, then you can start to get excited, because Creative is starting to release its first shipment.

If you haven't been keeping up with this thing, then we'll get you caught up to speed. The Zii Egg is Creative's first touchscreen device, and it comes packed with 10-point multi-touch. The screen is of the 3.5-inch variety, with a 480x320 resolution. It supports Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and has two VGA cameras. Even better, the Zii Egg offers HDMI out at a resolution of 1080p high definition. And it's running on the Android platform.

From the initial tests, the display is apparently "shockingly bright", and the colors are described as being, "vibrant and alive." The speakers are said to be akin to the Zen X-Fi's, the audio output via headphones is apparently the best Creative has ever produced. The worst part is that Creative has said no plans regarding a public release of the Zii Egg, which is truthfully very disconcerting. We want this thing.

[via Electronista]