Creative Zen X-Fi US pre-release pricing

Creative made things official with the Zen X-Fi PMP earlier this week in Singapore, confirming that the music and video capable player would be hitting shelves there imminently.  Now, courtesy of, we have US pricing, and it turns out the figures are pretty close to like-for-like conversions.

Singapore prices worked out to $145.69 for the 8GB, $209.31 for the 16GB and $253.85 for the 32GB models. has them listed at $149.99, $199.99 and $279.99 respectively.  No sign of availability yet; all three models are listed as out of stock, and there's no sign of the limited edition Red Cliff  version.

Strangely, despite Creative saying that only the 16GB and 32GB versions have WiFi, have the 8GB listed as including it too.  I'm thinking that's a mistake on their part.

[thanks Tom!]