Creative Zen Stone Plus giving Apple even more troubles

James Allan Brady - Nov 23, 2007

So first, the Zen Stone came out from Creative, and the fact that it wasn’t an Apple product, combined with the fact that it was the same size, with similar functionality as the Shuffle, and it was slightly cheaper, well that was enough to help the original model sell a good number of units. Well now it appears Creative is besting Apple’s Shuffle in more areas than price.

In fact they are fixing one of the few flaws of the shuffle, the lack of a screen for navigational purposes. Then they are upping the storage to iPod Nano levels with 4GB for the Zen Stone Plus.

They are also adding FM radio functionality. The best part, its all going to fit in the same package as the regular model, and the screen is an OLED screen, which means the battery life won’t suffer a drastic loss. No word on price or availability, but it was kind of a leak anyways.

Creative to one-up iPod shuffle with 4GB ZEN [via MacNN]

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