Crazy wheels and tires let car move in completely new ways

In some instances, parking your car can be a difficult thing to do. If you have ever parallel parked and then had someone pull so close to you in the front or back that you couldn't get out you know the frustration this brings. An inventor called William Liddiard has shown off a new set of wheels and tires that he came up with that allows a vehicle to move in incredible ways.

The tires themselves move on the wheel rims and allow the car to slide sideways, spin, and move around as if it's being carried atop a million ants. The builder says that these omni capable wheels are bolt on and can be fitted to any vehicle. The tires themselves are said to use the same rubber and grooved design as normal tires making them safe for roads.

It's worth noting that the video appears to be sped up significantly in some parts indicating that the tires actually move the vehicle very slowly. The designer of these tires claims that the setup has 24,000 pounds of torque directed to the tires. He doesn't say how such massive torque is generated.

The speed that the tires operate at can be adjusted for the target application and by changing gear ratios with a speed controller. A patent has been applied for in several countries according to the inventor, but he is calling for people to share the video with companies that might want to partner with him. This sort of wheel and tire setup seems like a very niche product, but it's very cool. There may indeed be some markets that could benefit from a wheel and tire setup such as this that allows for movement in any direction.