Crazy Samsung SMX-C20UN camcorder has 25-degree angled lens

Camcorders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes on today's market from tiny camcorders designed to slip into a pocket to massive prosumer units that look like the beta cams from my youth in size. Samsung has unveiled a new camcorder that has a strange lens orientation intended to make using the camera more comfortable.

The camcorder is called the SMX-C20UN and the strange looking design has a lens that is angled to 25-degrees to all of for a more natural and comfortable hand position while shooting. Samsung claims that the lens angle allows a hand position that eliminated wrist pain and fatigue, but it won't make that boring school play any more fun.

The camera stores video to SDHC memory cards and has a 1/6" CCD sensor with 680K pixels. The optical zoom is 10x and the camcorder has 1200x digital zoom. The LCD on the side of the camera is a 2.7-inch unit with 320k pixels. The camera records in H.264 format and has image stabilization. The camera can upload video directly to YouTube and has a time lapse function. You can by the camera now for $199.99.