Crazy Devon Tread 1 watch is $15K!

There are two types of folks who wear watches I reckon, the type who just want to know what time it is and the type who want a status symbol. For the latter group a new watch has debut from a company called Devon.

The watch is the Tread 1 and it is very cool. The downside of a very cool watch from an exclusive firm is that the Tread 1 is crazy expensive at $15,000. The thing has a gob of moving parts and it seems the watch gets its name from the fact that the numbers are printed on moving belts like a treadmill.

These belts are woven together and display the time in boxes printed on the crystal of the watch. Each band gets its own tiny motor and Gizmodo says the thing is made from bulletproof polycarbonate. This watch is very cool indeed.