Crazy corkscrew for the rich wine drinker

I'm not rich and I don't have the kind of money it takes to start to consider versions of trivial things in life that are massively more expensive that what you can buy things for down at Walmart. For instance, you could walk into Wally World and walk out with a new corkscrew if you are a wine drinker for a few bucks. It will get the bottle of $5 port you picked up at the local liquor store open with minimal bits of cork in the drink. It won't open your wine with much style or say, "I'm rich" like this fancy corkscrew from Core-38.

This would be the perfect wine opening implement to sit on your fancy bar beside that fancy Personal Brewery I talked about last week that makes your own beer. That beer-making device was very expensive at over $4,000 and this corkscrew from Code-38 is much cheaper at only $210 – $440 depending on what version you pick. This Code-38 offering will also pop the top off a wine cooler for your less genteel pals.

The Code-38 offering is said to be stylish, very well made, and have a solid heft. I think you could buy a life's worth of cheap corkscrews for the same price. The cheapest $220 version is made from stainless steel and has a strong cork pulling part that is apparently called the worm. The high-end $410 version is the Pro Stealth and it has "a complete blend of blasted textures and vaporized titanium-based finishes." At that price is should come with a beautiful serving girl each time you use it.

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