Crazy concept PCs from Samsung

Sometimes you look at a concept design and wonder what the person was smoking when they came up with it. That would be the case of these three new PC designs from Samsung.

First, we've got some sort of UFO or wizard's hat. I'm leaning more toward the hat because of the next one. But just look at the keyboard on this thing, that can't possibly be easy to type on. Look at the lower row of keys in comparison to the number keys along the top. I can only assume the thing in the back acts as some sort of wireless antenna.

Then you've got the lamp post PC, which is just a SFF PC stuck on top of a rod with a pull chain. But luckily there's a place to hang your hat PC. I don't know what to say about the last one. I've got nothing. Which is exactly the same amount of technical information I have on these PCs. I think it would be best if they decided not to take these past the concept phase.

Samsung (?) Concept PCs: The Future of Computers Looks Lame [via crunchgear]