Craig Ferguson comments on GTA IV

I have always loved Craig Ferguson, I suppose I have the same fascination with him as I would have with a drunken monkey. Although I'm aware he has laid off the booze, he still has that permanent drunken monkey syndrome. Well today he gained even more of my respect after I saw the video about him commenting on GTA IV.

He readily admits that he hasn't played a whole lot of recent video games including Grand Theft Auto IV, and he makes several references about Pacman as well as Donkey Kong. All in all, he makes quite a bit of sense and doesn't bash on GTA IV for the amount of violence it holds. He actually believes it is up to the parents to monitor what their children play.

He also makes the valid point that if teenagers want something badly enough that they are going to get it no matter what. He also came up with a solution for this issue, parents should instead show great interest in the game, therefore turning the child off to it. Lets face it, teens don't want anything to do with something their parents find cool. There are two short videos, to check them out, just follow the link.

[via kotaku]