Crafsman CompuCarve - Takes the "work" out of woodworking

Woodworking is an art that just doesn't seem to get appreciated as much as it used to these days. It seems like the world wants everything in a brushed aluminum look. However, if you're a techie that loves the look of a hand-carved wooden object, then check out this bad boy from Craftsman.

He CompuCarve crosses your love for objects made from wood, and the passion to not actually do anything with your hands except mouse and type. Think of it as something like a printer for wood. Only it doesn't actually print, it carves out complex patterns in the wood.

You'll probably need a fairly good amount of knowledge in the realm of 3D. They provide software for designing your objects, however, I imagine it won't be as simple as we would all like. Don't expect to make anything too large with this, as it is limited to blocks of wood (or other soft material) up to 5 inches high and 14 ½ inches long. You can pick one up from Sears for $1,899.

Craftsman CompuCarve For The Lazy Woodworker [via ohgizmo]