Cradlepoint WiPipe PHS300 Personal Hotspot – make your own WiFi hotspot

James Allan Brady - Mar 26, 2008

Ever been in the middle of nowhere wishing you and your friends could share a single cellular-based internet connection across multiple devices? Yeah me neither, but if such an issue were to ever come up, this little gadget will allow you to do it.

This little bugger will share an internet connection provided by your phone or any one of several supported USB WWAN dongles that you can get from your carrier. It shares the connection via WiFi and claims to only take a few minutes to set up.

It has a battery built in that should last a few hours, but it can be charged back up via USB, it can also be used to charge your USB powered device, including your mobile phone, so even when you aren’t using it to set up hotspots in the middle of Bumfukt, Egypt it still serves a purpose. Its available right now at Amazon for around $300, but don’t just buy it, make sure your phone or WWAN card is supported.

[via Techee]

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