Cox VOD comes to TiVo subscribers

Cox cable is one of the largest providers in the country and the company has a lot of subscribers. some of those subscribers probably have TiVo units in their home like the new TiVO Premiere DVR that debuted a while back. Cox has opened the door to more TiVo support with its streaming VOD offering.

Cox won't be offering its subscribers TiVo DVRs as an option, but it will make its entire streaming catalog available via the TiVo Premiere DVR starting in early 2011 in all markets it serves. This is the first time that a cable firm has integrated on demand service with a third-party device.

Reports clam that out of the 6 million Cox customers around the country only about 45,129 cable cards are in use inside TiVo units. The agreement between Cox and TiVo will see the DVR as an optional set-top box. Only Cox subscribers will be able to get access to the VOD content.