Cox TV Connect for iPad streams live TV

Cox has released a Live TV app for iPad, bringing streaming content to Apple's tablet – with a few important provisos. Unlike some placeshifting tech we've seen, which allow you to take the benefits of your home cable connection on the road with you, Cox's TV Connect app [iTunes link] insists that not only must you be a cable subscriber but your iPad must be connected via its broadband service too.

In fact, you need to be paying for a Cox TV Essential package, along with either Cox Preferred, Premier or Ultimate Internet service. 35 different channels are available, though Cox subscribers will recognize that that's not the full line-up; we're guessing licensing limitations are preventing the company from offering any more than that at this time.

There's no iPhone or iPod touch version at present, and you'll need iOS 4.3 on your iPad or iPad 2 in order to use the app. Still, if you were thinking of a second Cox box in your bedroom or kitchen, dropping the iPad onto a stand and using that instead could be a cheaper way of watching TV.

[via O'Grady's Powerpage]