Cowon W2 MID with Atom CPU revealed by Bluetooth SIG

Gadgets leaked by text are far less exciting than blurry, hurriedly-snapped photos, but we won't turn up our noses at a preview no matter the method.  It now appears that Cowon have a touchscreen MID in the works, the Cowon W2, according to a test page at the Bluetooth SIG, though specifications are still scant.

In fact, all the listing tells us is that the Cowon W2 has an Intel Atom processor and that it has Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.  There's some speculation that the MID might have a 4.8-inch touchscreen display, given the "4.8" reference in the design description; that would certainly bring the W2 in line with other MIDs on the market currently, such as the Viliv S5.

The exact balance between PMP and MID remains to be seen; Archos, for instance, describe their range of PMPs are "Internet Media Tablets" though they're more mediaplayer than they are a true tablet.  However given Cowon is known for the audio fidelity of their PMP range, we wouldn't argue with a web-capable, pocket-sized touchscreen device with excellent sound quality.

[via Pocketables]