Cowon D3 PMP tipped to run Android

Cowon's niche has generally been PMPs that offer significantly higher audio quality than rivals, but according to the latest rumors they could be throwing in some fashionable Android action with their next model.  Journal Du Geek reckons that the Cowon D3 – the replacement to the venerable D2 – will eschew the company's proprietary OS and replace it with Google's open-source Android platform.

Now, beyond that there's no more information, but we're assuming that – like Archos have done with their Internet Tablets – Cowon will be reskinning Android in some way to better suit a PMP.  The D2 has a mere 2.5-inch resistive touchscreen, so if Cowon are planning to use the same sort of form-factor they'll need to do some work making Android finger-friendly for an interface that size.

Still, if they can get that right and the audio quality to the same standard as previous Cowon PMPs, there's no reason the D3 shouldn't be a success.  We're hoping it looks a little more like the luscious AMOLED-screen J3, frankly, which gives the iPod touch a run for its aesthetic money.

[via Anything But iPod - Thanks Pete!]