Cowon D2TV PMP

James Allan Brady - Nov 26, 2007, 2:08pm CST

This thing comes in two variations, a white one, and a black one. What’s the difference? About 6GB, the white one comes with 2GB of storage and the black one comes with 8GB of storage.

As such, the black one can store 9 hours of 1Seg mobile TV, or up to 45 hours of audio in various formats. The battery should last about 7.5 hours, I assume that’s for music, so probably half that or less for video.

The D2-2G (the white 2gig model) goes for about $220 while the D2-8G (the black 8gig model) sells for around $310. You can only get them in Japan though. Also, as a side note, they both have 2.5” screens, and due to the mention of 1Seg TV storage, I assume they both have the necessary hardware to receive those broadcasts.

Cowon D2TV [via coolest-gadgets]

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