Cowon D2+ PMP tweaked: new GUI

Cowon have announced an updated version of their D2 PMP, the Cowon D2+, with the same touchscreen control as the original but a newly tweaked OS.  The D2+ has an integrated DMB digital TV tuner, video and audio playback, together with an ebook reader, flash player and up to 52 hours battery life.

The new tweaks to the D2+ are mainly in the OS' GUI, the longer battery life and a new range of casing colors.  There's still an SD slot good for cards up to 32GB in size, either 4, 8 or 16GB of onboard storage, and Cowon's well-admired BBE+ audio DSP engine.

Back when we reviewed the original D2 in December 2007, our only real criticism was the GUI, which paled in comparison to what was on offer from the iPod range.  The Cowon's real strength is in its sound quality, with many audiophiles believing it thoroughly bests much of what else is on the market.  No word on pricing or availability outside of Korea for the Cowon D2+, though.

[via Electronic Pulp]