Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs movie revealed in new trailer

Perhaps we can blame Sharknado for the spike in ridiculous movies that don't go to too much effort hide their subpar production quality and overt tongue-in-cheek storylines. There's a dedicated fan base for such movies, and if you count yourself among them then you'll be glad to know there's yet another film of that sorts in the works: it's called Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs, and it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The film will be starring, among other, Eric Roberts.

The trailer has a distinctly retro flavor and gets right into the heart of it all: this is a movie about cowboys — though perhaps not entirely in the traditional sense — and dinosaurs that have been unleashed because of them. Think of it as a lowbrow alternative to Jurassic Park.

"You honestly think you're just going to cowboy up and ride into town guns a'blazin'?" As you can see in the trailer above, that is indeed what it looks like happens, and there's no shortage of western props to drive the "cowboy" part home. Plus, you know, there are dinosaurs.

According to IGN, the movie is set in Montana and is directed by Ari Novak. It'll be arriving as a Digital HD/Video-on-Demand offering on May 19th; you'll be able to grab it from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, and Vimeo, as well as on-demand through certain ISPs/cable providers.