Cowboy 3 e-bike arrives with new transmission and smart app features

Belgian company Cowboy has announced Cowboy 3, the third-generation version of its electric bicycle. The Cowboy 3 brings a number of improvements over the previous generation and launches alongside an updated companion app that packs new smart features. The company promises a more comfortable ride from its new model, one that includes more durability, faster climbing, and more.

Electric bicycles offer the best of both worlds, enabling cyclists to travel farther and faster than they would on a traditional bicycle, but without the pollution, space requirements, and cost of a car. The Cowboy 3 has a modern minimalist appearance that, at first glance, looks like any other pedal bike; it is aesthetically pleasing but doesn't draw attention to itself.

The Cowboy 3 features a removable battery that is integrated seamlessly into the frame, essentially hiding it in plain sight. The 360Wh/10Ah battery can be charged to 100-percent in 3.5 hours and offers up to 43.5 miles per charge.

The new model brings a carbon belt transmission that doesn't require any maintenance until around 18,600 miles. As well, Cowboy 3 brings a lower gear ratio for faster starts when climbing hills. Puncture-resistant tires, meanwhile, increase protection while riding.

The company says that its new model has increased tire surface and that it offers an overall more comfortable ride compared to the previous models. Buyers can also get custom mudguards for the bike, though they're an extra 89€.

As mentioned, the companion mobile app has also been updated with new features, including crash detection, automatic unlocking, and theft alert; users also now get access to air quality maps. Starting later this summer, select cities will also offer Cowboy Mobile Service, which is a free bike servicing option to repair any issues the customer may experience.

The company is now accepting orders for Cowboy 3 in Europe for £1,990 / €2,290 with expected delivery starting in late July. This model is offered in Mineral Grey, Absolute Black, and Anthracite Grey colors.