Coway's smart mattress swaps springs for IoT air pockets

If there's one thing the past two years has taught us, it's to appreciate the things that we can't necessarily see, and that includes the air we're breathing and the quality of the sleep we're getting. Coway's CES 2022 offerings focus on both, with the company's first connected smart mattress and a new decor-friendly purifier that packs a good reason why you might want to leave it out on a desk or table.

Coway Smart Care Air Mattress

Coway might be best known for its purifiers, but it's a different application of air that features in its first sleep product. The Smart Care Air Mattress looks, at first glance, liker a regular mattress, but rather than springs inside it features 80 Air Cells. Each of those pockets are individually controlled, from soft through to hard.

There are nine different levels of firmness that each Air Cell can adjust to. The mattress detects the sleeper's body pressure and the position they like to sleep in, and then the Air Cells adjust automatically to best support that with the right degree of firmness. In addition to the better night's sleep promised, Coway says that the mattress also feels newer, for longer, since unlike a traditional mattress there are no springs to gradually wear out.

The Smart Care Air Mattress also integrates with Coway's other connected products. If you have a wireless humidifier or air purifier, for example, the difference devices can communicate to set up the best possible bedroom environment for healthy rest. When it comes to get up, meanwhile, the Smart Care Air Mattress can trigger a "Wake-up Mode" to coax the sleeper awake. There's also a "Relax Mode" which also uses adjustments in the Air Cells.

Coway says it's still working on details like availability and pricing for the Smart Care Air Mattress in the US, though a release sometime in 2022 is a possibility.

Coway Airmega Icon and IconS

Arriving in Q2 2022, meanwhile, are the Coway Airmega Icon and IconS. Additions to the company's air purifier range, they're also the first to offer a wireless charging station that can top up a smartphone or other Qi-enabled device. The body of each is covered in water- and stain-repellent fabric, while the "S" suffix for Coway usually means it's a connected, WiFi-enabled model that can be remotely monitored and controlled from a smartphone app.

Both the Airmega Icon and the IconS have a 3-stage filtration system, which Coway says can capture 99.999% of nano-sized particles – down to 0.001 microns. That means smaller than most allergens, bacteria, viruses, and mold, the company claims. They're designed to cover up to 700 square feet.

Pricing for the Airmerga Icon and IconS will be confirmed closer to their launch later this year.