Covid stimulus check payments: How much money, and when?

This week a new COVID-19 relief package is on the brink of passing in Washington DC. If the bill does pass as it's written right now, it would appear that each individual recipient of a "direct payment" will get about half of what they received in the first relief payment earlier this year. Not all Americans will be eligible for this payment. We'll know the full extent of the rules and regulations of this bill once it's been made public (via the internet) this afternoon.

Per the earliest look at the bill via Deadline, it would appear that this relief bill will deliver "up to" $600 per person. The bill also appears to include a similar amount per child – delivered to the parent or guardian of the child as such.

If you are a United States citizen who paid taxes in the year 2020 (for 2019), you'll likely be eligible for a relief payment. If you have a personal income of up to $75k a year, you'll likely get the full payment. If you make over $99k, you will likely receive no payment whatsoever.

We will know more about the full contents of the bill after it passes the House. You can see parts of the Bills to be considered on the House Floor at House dot gov. At the time at which this article is set to go live, the "Coronavirus Aid" portion of the bill series is not yet gone public.

UPDATE: Per Bloomberg, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said today (Monday, the 12th of December, 2020) that stimulus checks could "start going out to Americans as soon as next week."