COVID-19 vaccination locations now in Apple Maps and Google Maps

COVID-19 vaccine locations can now be found in both Apple Maps and Google Maps. Both systems are working with the same source of information: VaccineFinder. VaccineFinder is a dedicated online service originally developed by Boston Children's Hospital. The update to Apple Maps went live today, March 16, 2021, and can be seen on all compatible iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple Maps and Google Maps now display information from, a website that has a LOT of official vaccination locations listed, but not ALL locations listed. VaccineFinder provides information on COVID-19 vaccine availibility in the following states, for starters:

• Alaska

• Tennessee

• Indiana

• Utah

• Iowa

• Oklahoma

• New York State (excluding New York City)

These are the states where information is comprehensive enough for the folks at VaccineFinder to suggest they're worth listing. They ALSO have information in some other states. Per their service, "in other states, information may be limited while more providers and pharmacies are added in the coming weeks."

With the VaccineFinder system, you can type in your ZIP code and select from a pull-down list of distances. The list begins within 10 miles and ranges up to 50 miles. You can also include or de-select each of the three major vaccines available:

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• Moderna COVID Vaccine

• Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine

• Johnson & Johnson's Janssen COVID Vaccine

This system links to the official CDC Vaccine FAQ. A lot of this information can also be accessed through your Android or iOS device. with Google Assistant or Siri.

To access COVID-19 vaccine locations from Apple Maps, tap the Search bar and select COVID-19 Vaccines in the Find Nearby menu. If you're using Google, just search "COVID vaccine" and a set of locations should appear.

This week Apple Maps added COVID-19 modules on business placecards "for more than 4,400 locations". Apple suggested that this update "allows retailers to communicate COVID-19-related information to their customers, like special shopping hours." Siri can be used to attain all sorts of COVID-19-related information too, including "a list of nearby restaurants offering takeout".