Courier and Slate may be dead, but the Hanvon B10 and F10 live

The Microsoft Courier and the HP Slate may be stillborn, but if you have tablet dreams that don't involve the iPad you still have a few choices. I still think it's odd that HP put so much fanfare into the Slate only to kill it off, but we can hope the Slate turns up again running WebOS.

Two of those alternative tablet choices will be the Hanvon B10 and F10 tablets. Jkkmobile reports that it has received an update on the status of the machines. The B10 will run an Intel ULV743 CPU at 1.3GHz and is in volume production now. Shipping for the device is set at the end of May for China, but when the rig will hit the US is unknown.

The F10 will run an Atom Z530 CPU at 1.6GHz and is not yet set for volume production and it could be another three months before production kicks off. The F10 will not have multitouch and will only work with the supplied pen though it and the B10 will come with a mouse pointer.