Counter-Strike player releases fake hacks, gets thousands of cheaters banned

Counter-Strike may be one of the older options when it comes to picking an online FPS, but it still has a hardcore following, and if there's anything a dedicated fanbase hates most, it's cheating. Fortunately, one player has fought back, and in turn become the hero that fans need most. Known as AndroidL on Reddit, the player released a number of fake hacks for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, targeted them at cheaters, and in turn got over 5,000 banned from the game by developer Valve.

AndroidL's hacks promised to alter gameplay in ways that cheaters would love, including altered movements and jump patterns, auto-aiming bots, and infinite ammo and health to top it all off. But the thing is, AndroidL developed the hacks in a certain way so as to attract the attention of the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system, such as altered viewing angles, like seen above, which are normally not possible.

As he detailed on the CS:GO subreddit, AndroidL says the hacks were deliberately designed to alert VAC that players were trying cheat. The first two hacks he released worked on a time delay, with VAC only spotting them after a certain period, and then in turn issuing bans. However, the third hack would trigger VAC detection as soon as players tried to join a game with it in place, resulting in an immediate ban.

AndroidL says that third hack was downloaded by over 3,500 players, making it one of the most popular files among the Counter-Strike cheating community. All three hacks are said to have been downloaded roughly 5,500 times.

The game's subreddit is unanimously in support of AndroidL's efforts, but even better is that he's also sharing numerous comments from cheaters complaining about getting banned after trying to use the hacks. AndroidL said he'll consider doing it all again, which is something legit Counter-Strike players can only look forward to.

VIA Eurogamer