Could a foldable, dual-screen netbook be in Apple's future?

Because of Apple's elusive nature, they tend to draw a lot of speculation about what their future product plans are. And however unlikely they are to be realized, they're interesting, nonetheless. Like the "Brick" Leander Kahney, a Wired Editor is fixated on.

Apple Brick rumors first sprouted up after the Let's Rock event earlier this month. And while another Apple event in October is expected, and the focus is thought to be on MacBooks, the specifics are as yet unknown. A double-screened notebook is one of the possibilities, however, that would be like two iPod touches connected together in laptop form very much like the OLPC v2.

Besides a standard screen, the second would be multi-touch-enabled. This means it could be a touch keyboard when you need a keyboard, it could be turned into a "book" with facing pages or a shared laptop. And even though this is very unlikely, it's still fun to speculate. Because really, how cool would this be?

[via Gadget Lab at Wired]