Corsair USB drive is both speedy and sturdy

It might not look too impressive – in fact it's plump, brash and rubbery – but this Corsair Flash Voyager GT is a 4GB thumb-drive with a difference.  Two differences, actually; firstly that it can withstand such hardships as a full wash and spin-dry cycle, being run over with a truck and thrown at a concrete floor, and secondly that it's Corsair's fastest every flash drive.  Potential top-speeds of 34MB/s read and 28MB/s write could mean an install of Vista in half the time it takes to do so from a DVD.

Everything USB plugged it in and checked it out, and you can't ask for a clearer recommendation:

"Incredibly fast and especially durable, what's not to like? You'd be foolish not to spend the extra $10 for Corsair's speed demon of a flash drive"

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 4GB Flash Drive [Everything USB]