Corsair Survivor now available in a larger size

James Allan Brady - Jan 4, 2008

If the 2, 4, 8, and 16 gigabyte capacities weren’t large enough for you, you’ll be happy to know they’ve moved up on the binary scale to a new 32GB capacity. These flash drives are nearly impossible to destroy, they are element proof and have had all sorts of nasty things done to them in an effort to figure out just what the physical limits are.

At 32GB you should have any equally hard time filling it up as you would destroying it. You could literally use it as a primary hard drive with plenty of space if you wanted to, and it would certainly be a great drive for a persistent Linux install.

So, you have a huge capacity, and its nearly indestructible, the only thing else you could ask for would be an E-SATA connection instead of USB, but that would be kind of ridiculous. If you want one, I don’t know where you’d buy something like this other than online, but it should be around $250 for one of these.

Corsair’s nigh-invulnerable thumb drives hit 32GB [via crunchgear]

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