Corsair HX1000W - power a room in your house, or your 3-way SLI rig

It's a thousand watt power supply and its certified by NVIDIA for 3-Way SLI usage. It can also power multiple processors, several hard drives, and does it all at 50 degrees Celsius, tops.

The best things about Corsair power supplies is that unlike many other PSU companies, they market the rating of their PSU's at whatever that power supply's maximum operating wattage is, Corsair does the tests and takes the lower numbers so everything operates cool and you don't have to worry about your PSU getting fried because you actually connected a thousand watts of gear to it. It has been packed with industrial grade solid state capacitors that are rated for more than double the actual operating temperature so you'll never have to worry about your PSU overheating.

It has an independent dual +12U- rail design and a 140mm temperature controlled fan to keep things cool and quiet. You can get it now for $280 and you get a 5 year warrant for that price as well.