Corsair crushes PC Mark Vantage record with Force SSD equipped rig

Different kinds of geeks use different metrics to prove they are the baddest in the land. In car enthusiast circles the metrics compared include horsepower and quarter mile times. In the computer world geeks compare their prowess by touting how fast their rigs are in common benchmarks like 3DMark and PC Mark.Corsair has announced today that it has broken the world record for the PC Mark benchmark using a computer equipped with its speedy new Force SSD storage. The machine used to break the record was no normal computer rig though. The beast used a Core i7-980X CPU clocked at 5.5GHz, Force SSDs in RAID 0, 6GB of Dominator RAM, HD 5870 graphics, and the massively overclocked CPU was cooled with liquid nitrogen.

The beast of a machine was able to score 32,947 3Dmarks compared to the previous record of 30,359 3D marks. I bet that second place guy is out buying new hardware right now.