Corsair adds custom PC maker Origin to its portfolio

Corsair is a pretty well-known name in the PC gaming scene, as it offers a number of gaming PC components and peripherals. More specifically, you'll often see Corsair's power supplies recommended to people who are looking to build a PC, but Corsair also offers a range of pre-built PCs for those who don't want to go to the trouble of building their own. Today, the company indicated that it's about to greatly expand that range of pre-builts, as it's entered into an agreement to buy Origin PC.

Origin PC is less of a pre-built PC vendor and more of a custom PC one. For the past decade, Origin has been selling made-to-order gaming PCs, allowing buyers to customize the hardware in their machine without having to build it themselves. Corsair didn't reveal how much it's paying to buy Origin, but given Origin's reputation in the PC gaming space, it's likely the purchase price was pretty high.

If you're a current Origin customer, the good news is that it doesn't sound like very much will be changing. Corsair says that it and Origin will continue operating as separate brands, with the former keeping its headquarters in Miami, FL. It also says that all existing Origin warranties, purchases, and support will continue to be honored, so for end-users, there won't be much of a shake up.

However, that doesn't mean that the two will stay entirely separate, as we can expect to see some integration between the two. Corsair will begin shipping its iCUE software on Origin PCs, which will allow users to monitor performance and synchronize RGB lighting. We'll also probably see Corsair offer its accessories – keyboard, mice, headsets, etc. – alongside Origin purchases, and Corsair confirmed that its upcoming Hydro X custom cooling system will feature in Origin-built PCs as well.

Earlier this week, Origin showed off its latest machine, dubbed "The Big O." Made in celebration of its 10th anniversary, this gaming PC packed the hardware for a high-end gaming PC, an Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4, and a Nintendo Switch all into one massive case. It's a pretty impressive machine (though one that won't be available for purchase), and after seeing that, it's no wonder Corsair wanted to add Origin to its portfolio. Corsair says that more information on integration between the two companies is coming up soon, so stay tuned.