Corning Day Made of Glass 2 video released with making-of add-on

Technology is advancing slightly slower than the minds at Corning would have it, it seems, as the creators of Gorilla Glass present a second video in a series that brings the future to us now, glass based. The video moves from one technology to the next, starting with Handheld Display Glass, this essentially stemming off what Gorilla Glass already presents, it being thin and lightweight, damage resistant and what Corning plans for the future: 3D-projection ready! The loveliness then continues through an impressive display of lights and magic through a future we can only dream of.

Corning continues by showing off Electrochomic Glass, this being a type that in the future will be used for windows to insulate houses, shade or become transparent on command, and is of course, durable. Along these same lines is Architectural Display Glass which allows you to move through your hallways with touch-sensitive boxes galore. Automotive Design Glass will be photosensitive like the Elecrochromic Glass, lightweight, and touch sensitive if need be. Wall-Format Display Glass has the gigantic wall ready to move with a professor, touch-sensitive of course, and Specialty Tablet Glass has your future hand-held book-sized displays ready to roll with anti-microbial, scratch, and chemical resistant formulas to bring you the best overall experience.

The video above is just the short format presentation. Corning has also provided a long-format vision for the future in an explanatory segment that's twice the length. Enjoy with us the vision Corning has for the glass-filled world of tomorrow in A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day. Expanded Corning Vision. Head to our timeline below as well to check out extended coverage once again with Gorilla Glass and beyond!