Corning - A Day Made of Glass

Gorilla Glass is a common component in today's smartphones and tablets. If you have an iPhone 4 or one of Samsung's Galaxy S you're already enjoying the benefits of Corning's scratch and impact resistant glass. Corning has been working in glass and ceramics materials since 1851. They recently released this short video showcasing dozens of conceptual future uses for various types of electronically integrated glass panels. Corning's vision for the future of these multifunction panels features everything from hand-held touch reactive displays (modeled after the iPhone) to built in architectural display panels in everything from the bathroom mirror to kitchen counters to the entire dash of your car.

Corning offers a compelling vision of a technological future that many of us have been dreaming of since we watched The Next Generation as children. There's an interesting blend of concepts throughout the video. Different segments highlight all sorts of appliances with integrated multitouch displays, augmented reality, touchscreen controls for your car, as well as a wonderful vision of intercommunicating devices that create a seamless experience with the digital world.

Corning has created a lot of buzz with this video. They've nearly hit nine and a half million views in the month that the video has been circulating YouTube. We're all looking forward to the explosive growth in the tablet industry over the next few years. It's not all about Corning, however. They will be competing with companies like Asahi Glass of Japan over the next year. With the tablet market expected to veritably explode by 2015, these companies are going to have their work cut out for them.

[via Android Community]